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Legend Web Solutions is a human-friendly software development firm.

We make killer web and mobile apps and we value transparency, quality, and coffee.

Easy To Work With

When you work with Legend Web Solutions, you talk with a single contact that has full oversight of your project. We understand that communication is the key, so you can relax and benefit from our transparency.


We don’t complicate things with stiff policies. We can fit your mold. As long as it makes sense for both of us, we’re ready to work in your mode of communication, on your schedule, the way you like it.

Custom Solution

We take the time to understand your goals and custom-fit a solution specifically for you. Our toolbox contains all the open source tools out there, and if we don’t know it we are willing to learn it on discounted time just for you!

Who We Are

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Darren | Developer / Designer / Entrepreneur

Hello – I’m Darren Marshall. I graduated from Oregon State University in 2013 with a Computer Science degree. Throughout college, I ran my own business which has morphed into what Legend Web Solutions is today! I’ve learned that a person can accomplish whatever he/she wants if only they put their mind to it, and it’s no different in the software development world. Let’s make some killer apps!

DARREN’S PHONE 503.576.9330
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David | Accounts / Project Manager

David Waters graduated from Portland State University in 2009 with a Business Administration degree in Supply and Logistics Management. He’s here to help Legend Web Solutions grow sustainably and run smoothly, ready to help you with any of your future needs. He will ensure that your projects get taken care of within your scope of time and budget!

DAVID’S PHONE 503.877.9347
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Caleb | Back-end Developer

Caleb is LWS’s first Sr Developer! He’s got a Computer Science degree from OSU, and that’s just the start! Caleb is an integral part of LWS because he is able to articulate in-depth what is going on at a deep software architectural level. This means that the apps we deliver are built on an absolutely solid foundation that you can have confidence in.

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Sarah | Art Director / Graphic Designer

Sarah graduated from FIT in NYC with a Fashion Merchandise Management degree in 2008. A visual person by heart, Sarah directs and designs beautiful layouts for each project and enjoys sharing the importance of “good design” within user experience – what she considers the fun part! Rest assured any visual, graphic, logo and photography needs your new app or website has, Sarah is here to help.

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Ricardo | Front-End Dev / Designer

He’s a designer and developer with great aspirations and a killer design sense. Ricardo Sanchez is attending Willamette University as a Computer Science major. Ricardo listens to inspiring speakers every day and learns iOS development on his lunch hour.

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Wade | SEO / Web Developer

Wade Mitchell is a graduate of Brigham Young University – Idaho with a degree in Web Design and Development. His talents include front-end development, WordPress, Social Media marketing, and SEO. He prides himself on meeting the needs of clients professionally and on time.

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Jon | Web Designer

Genius extraordinaire posing as an intern. New to the industry, Jon is on his way to becoming the greatest designer/developer to walk the planet, one line of code at a time!

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Chris | Web Developer

Chris McKinney is a versatile software developer with a lifelong passion for learning new things. He enjoys using his diverse experience to deliver top-notch software solutions. He prides himself on his ability to communicate clearly, listen effectively, and work tirelessly to ensure that our clients always succeed.

How we build it right

We check your idea

Some web firms will just take your idea and mindlessly code it to existence. We take a higher approach and analyze the idea at its core, ensuring the logic is sound and our solution is appropriate.

We do our research beforehand

The web is constantly growing, and new technologies are being created every day. Is there something out there that will solve your problem quicker or more effectively? We’ll find out before we start our development.

We give you control

It’s your project and your technology, so you get to call all the shots. We just keep you advised and educated so you can make those decisions with our combined experience and knowledge.

We test our code

Test-Driven Development ensures that we write code that works well, and we can see at a glance that all the individual functions work, so our development process can be as efficient and reliable as possible.

We test our solution

Agile Development means that we first create a Minimum Viable Product and get it out in the real world, then improve upon that product with additional features. That makes it so every step of the way, both the idea and the solution are being battle-tested by real users!

We’ve got style

It’s not enough that it performs its function – it also needs to look amazing while doing it! Our designers love to paint beautiful user interfaces that will reflect very well on your business and its brand.

If you can imagine it, we can build it!

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